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Should Teenagers take Nutritional Supplements?

Nutritional Supplements have been used for years in a wide variety of areas. Sports players use them to enhance their athletic performance. New moms use them to keep themselves and their little ones in peak health. Often teenagers will use them to keep their bodies lean and in top condition.

Teens and SupplementsThe transitional years from childhood to adulthood can be a difficult time, even more so for those that aspire to be like sports superstars they see on television and in magazines. Many teens believe that sports nutritional supplements are an easy way to increase their strength and stamina. However, a teenager can do much more harm than good to the mind and body by incorrectly dabbling with the wrong supplements.

A typical teenager (between the ages of 13 and 19) has a body that is already producing enormous amounts of growth hormones as well as testosterone / estrogen. It is extremely important at this age not to overload the body in any one area as this can cause long term problems down the road. There are however some good ideas for supplements that can safely improve your teens overall health and fitness.

  • 1. A good multi-vitamin will help your child avoid any nutritional deficiencies. This seems like it should be an easy one to remember, but too many people forget about it. If you are deficient in even one vitamin or mineral your muscle gains can be severely hampered, not to mention your health!

  • 2. A good protein powder to take in between whole food meals can be an excellent way to increase protein intake to the levels needed to sustain an active teenager. Protein is made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of muscle. There are several forms of protein including Whey, Soy, Egg, and Casein.

  • 3. Healthy fats such as flax oil, natural peanut and walnut oils, can be added to protein shakes and other meals.

Teenagers should save the testosterone boosting for when the body starts to naturally decrease its testosterone at around age 25. Right now, they should take full advantage of their youth, and the hormones that their bodies are producing naturally. Definitely donít be discouraged from taking nutritional supplements though. The proper supplementation can be a vital key to your health and fitness. As always, just make sure to use your head when choosing whatís right for your teenagerís body.

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