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Discount Code Program

This is Schwartz Laboratories answer to our loyal sales reps who don't have a store front or website, but are eager to sell a quality product to their clients. Our Discount Code Program is for the money hungry, hard working, supplement guru, passionate trainer or fitness fanatic who isn't already in our Affiliate Program. The Schwartz Laboratories Discount Code Program offers a way for fitness, health and nutrition professionals to earn extra money without ever touching a product. We receive the order, ship it to your client, and you get the commission. With this super easy program, you can earn hundreds of dollars per month just by doing what you do everyday.

How does the Schwartz Discount Code Program Work?

After filling out a short application, you will be given a discount code that belongs only to you and your business. Simply giving the code to your clients allows them to receive a discount on their supplement purchases AND allows you to earn every dollar they spend above the wholesale cost of their order.

The best part is, there is no sales pitch. You simply show the need for items like meal replacements, protein and multi-vitamins. They go on-line themselves- register, order, and pay; they save money and you make money. With the current epidemic of obesity, there is no selling required. The need for these products is justified by your client’s desire to get fit.

Who can qualify for the Schwartz Discount Code Program?
• Doctors
• Dieticians
• Chiropractors
• Personal Trainers
• Gym Owners
• Licensed Massage Therapists
• Health Food Stores

What’s the next step?

Send an email to our Schwartz Laboratories Discount Code Program Team at DiscountCode. Please be sure to include your full name, email address, daytime phone, profession, and any additional comments. We will contact you with detailed information and a discount code application form.

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