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Affliate Steps to Sign Up

Thanks for your interest in the Schwartz Laboratories affiliate program.
We are thrilled to add you to the family. Thousands are already making extra income and
others full-time salaries through affiliate marketing with SchwartzLabs.com.

We are proud to use
as our premier affiliate program. We have had a
great working relationship with Share-a-Sale and feel
they offer the most useful tools, reports and other features available.

Here are 3 steps to getting your program up and running.

Step 1
– Join Share-a-Sale
It’s Easy. It takes less then 5 minutes to get your account started at Share-a-Sale. The sign up is a very simple and user friendly. Here is a link to our program on the Share-a-Sale website!

Step 2 – Advertise – Network – Tell Everyone
It is the key to turning your network and the people you influence into cash. You can do great things if you make this your focus.

Quick Tips to Launching a Successful Affiliate Program on your website:
Tip 1 - Place Banners on your Site
a. We have several banner options that will be made available to you once you complete your Share-a-Sale setup. You will find them at the top of the Share-a-Sale – Schwartz Labs page. Once on our page click on – “View Available Creative (Banners/Links)” located at the top of the page.
b. Make custom banners or a page on your site.
c. Be sure the banner(s) are properly coded
d. Run a test.

Tip 2 - Email your Contacts.
To be effective and successful as a Schwartz Labs affiliate you should communicate with your online network monthly to keep them interested in you and what you offer them. If you are not already, this is a perfect time to start. Here are some Ideas for Content and Link Rich Text:
a. Share sample nutrition and supplementation programs
b. Review products
c. List your top picks

Tip 3 - Write a personal note to family and friends.
Let’s face it – these people want you to succeed. Ask them for their loyalty and you will get it. Since we have such a wide range of products it is easy to find something for everyone.

Step 3 – Make Money
You are done. You and your site are ready to make money in affiliate marketing. Learn more about tools, reports and ways to keep improving your program at www.shareasale.com

Thanks for joining our program. Welcome!

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